How to Throw a Softball Accurately Using Proper Techniques

How to Throw A Softball Using The Right Throwing Techniques 

Knowing how to correctly and accurately throw a softball will get you very far in the game, regardless if you’re just learning to play or have several years under your belt. Every single play involves the throwing motion. With these throwing techniques, you’ll be a catch on the field this season, with fans cheering in every direction. 

How to Throw a Softball Using the Correct Equipment 

Throwing a softball involves a few key pieces of equipment. First and foremost, you need your throwing arm, stretched and ready to go. Next, you’ll need a softball. The size of the ball depends on the age of the thrower. Most softball teams with players 10 and under use 11” softballs while 11 and up use 12” softballs. A glove plays an integral role in the throwing process, so it is important to make sure it fits properly. Lastly, you’ll need a target to throw to, whether it’s mom, dad, brother, sister, babysitter, friend –just make sure they can catch. 

Gripping the Ball

Gripping a softball correctly makes all the difference when throwing. Place the ball in your dominant hand or better known as the hand you’ll release the ball with. With the ball in your hand, position your index, middle, and ring fingertips across the seams. The ball should be turned so that the seams resemble the letter “C”. Your fingertips should be placed along the top of the “C”. What about my thumb and my pinkie? The thumb goes under the ball and will rest on the seams and the pinkie finger goes where it feels most natural. The ball should never be held by the palm of your hand and always by the fingertips. 

Glove Placement

Determine which arm is your throwing arm. Your glove will go on the opposite hand you throw with. Proper glove placement helps with ensuring throwing accuracy and balance during the throwing motion.

Throwing Stance 

An accurate throw can be achieved by positioning your body toward the target. Your body must be perpendicular to the person on the receiving end of the throw. Your legs should be shoulder width apart and your feet should line up, facing the person you are throwing to. The glove hand will also point toward the target to assist with delivery and accuracy. 

Throwing the Softball

Throwing the softball correctly is important as the correct form will help the ball reach the intended target and it can prevent serious injury. Your throwing arm should extend backward with the ball near the top of your head, with the palm of your hand facing away from your body. Your elbow should create a 90 degree angle with your upper arm. Now you’re ready to throw! Use your power and strength to release the ball with your throwing arm. The ball should be released from your grip once it has passed your head. All of your body weight should be focused on your front foot upon release and your glove should be pulled into your body, near your chest. 

Perfecting the Throw 

With practice, dedication, and these techniques, you’ll be throwing like a pro in no time. At Throw Better, we understand that throwing is an essential skill, especially in the game of softball. Our tool is designed to help anyone throw better and give them the confidence, empowerment, and motivation to keep playing. Throwing does not come natural to everyone, so we try to make the learning process as simple as possible. With one of our one-size fits all headbands, you’ll learn the correct throwing motion. With Throw Better you can put it on, play catch, and throw better than ever.

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