The 2019 MLB World Series: Who Will Throw Better?

MLB World Series 

October 28, 2018. Game 5. With two outs, the count is 1-2 against Manny Machado of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Boston Red Sox’s pitcher, Chris Sale, hopes to bring his team to victory. He takes a breath, loosens up his shoulders, and scrunches his nose. This next pitch could be his very last of the season. A pitch establishing him and his teammates as World Series champions. He throws the ball toward the dirt, into the glove of catcher Christian Vázquez. Machado swings, misses, and falls on his knee. The Boston Red Sox win. Another World Series for the books. 


For those who are unfamiliar with the World Series, it is the annual championship series of Major League Baseball between the American and National Leagues. It takes place in the month of October every year. The first recorded World series, also known as the Fall Classic, was played in 1903. The Boston Americans faced off against the Pittsburgh Pirates, with the Americans coming out on top. In 1904, there would be no Fall Classic because the New York Giants refused to play Boston. Luckily, the American and National leagues were able to set aside their issues so that the championship could resume itself in 1905. It has been said that postseason championships took place as early as 1884, prior to the development of the World Series. A best-of-7-game series is played, with the winner being the first to 4 games. Before 1969, the teams with the best regular season record advanced to the series, but now the wild-card game, division playoffs, and league championship series exist to decide who moves forward. Home-field advantage for the series is given to the team with the best regular-season record. 


To kick off the month of October, postseason baseball began with the wild-card single game elimination played between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Washington Nationals for the National League and the Tampa Bay Rays and Oakland Athletics for the American League. The Washington Nationals and the Tampa Bay Rays came out of their games victorious. Following these games, the division series is played from October 3rd through the 10th, playing a best-of-five-game series. The Los Angeles Dodgers were able to clinch their seventh consecutive NL West Title in September. Next, the NLCS and the ALCS are played during October 11th through the 19th. The winner of both championships will head to the World Series which could last from October 22nd through the 30th, if necessary. 

Celebrating America’s Pastime

There’s a reason why baseball is America’s favorite pastime and that is because it has become such an integral part of our culture. From the 1900s until now, there’s no better feeling than sitting back in your seat with a hotdog in one hand and ice-cold Coca-Cola in the other, listening to fans cheer on their favored team, arms flailing in a waving motion. It gives off a sense of nostalgia, especially for those who played in their youth, continuing to support the game they played all throughout their childhood. So grab yourself some peanuts and Cracker Jack, the field is waiting for you. 

Throw Your Way to the Big Leagues 

The outcome of the World Series will be nothing short of excitement as it is for baseball enthusiasts every year.  It’s important to note that every professional baseball player started out as a beginner. Greatness is grown through practice, strength, and resilience. It progresses with each win, loss, success, and failure. Learning one of the most important fundamental aspects of baseball could lead to the overall love of the sport, or even a career. At ThrowBetter, our goal is to empower everyone to grab a glove and get excited to play. Who knows, you could be a World Series champion one day.

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