Throwing Through the World Series: 2019 Washington Nationals Starting Pitchers

The Starting Pitchers of the 2019 MLB World Series

In a best-of-seven World Series, the Washington Nationals claimed their victory over the Houston Astros, with a final score of 6-2 in game 7. Both teams put up a good fight throughout the series with help from some of baseball’s best starting pitchers. Every pitcher possesses their own unique style and technique, which was brought to the mound during each game. For the Nationals, the starting pitchers included Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, Joe Ross, Patrick Corbin, and Anibal Sanchez. Learn about the different pitches and outcomes that occurred during each game of the World Series with ThrowBetter. 

Washington Nationals

The starting pitching staff for the Washington Nationals played an important role in the team winning their first ever championship title. 

Max Scherzer

Max Scherzer started and ended the series against the Houston Astros. He was scheduled to start for Game 5, but he was experiencing neck spasms, ultimately causing him to miss the game. Game 1 wasn’t his best performance, but the Nationals were able to win 5-4. He pitched 5 innings with 112 throws. During those innings, he allowed two runs on five hits, but was able to strike out seven batters. Game 7 proved to be better. Scherzer, again, pitched through five innings. He allowed two runs and seven hits. His four-seam fastball was most commonly thrown. He also threw sliders and changeups. 

Stephen Strasburg

Strasburg started game 2 and game 6. He was named the MVP of the World Series. He allowed a two-run homerun in the first inning of game 2. However, he was able to throw five shutout innings, helping the Nationals beat the Astros 12-3. In game 6, he pitched 8 ⅓ innings and the Nationals won 7-2. His curveball proved to be very useful during this game and others throughout the postseason. He also threw four-seam fastballs, two-seam fastball, and changeups. 

Anibal Sanchez

Anibal Sanchez took the mound in Game 3. The Nationals suffered from a 4-1 loss. He allowed ten hits, four runs, and one walk during his 5 ⅓ innings. He pitched four-seam fastballs, changeups, and splitters. 

Patrick Corbin

Corbin started Game 4, where the Nationals lost to the Astros 8-1. He allowed four runs in six innings. He struck out five batters using pitches like the two-seam fastball, slider, and four-seam fastball. 

Joe Ross 

Joe Ross stepped up and replaced Max Scherzer for Game 5. The Nationals lost 7-1, with Ross allowing four runs on five hits. Some of his pitches included sinkers, four-seam fastballs, and sliders. 

Using World Series Throwing Techniques to Improve Skills

Through hard work, dedication, and perseverance, these pitchers made it to the World Series and helped their team win their first championship title. They were trusted as starters by manager Dave Martinez and the Nationals organization. They didn’t make it this far without the help of good mechanics, practice, and coaching. They learned the fundamentals of throwing and were able to then increase their velocity, improve their accuracy, and learn different types of pitching. While each pitcher has their own process and style, they all have one important thing in common: their passion for the game.

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