Using ThrowBetter to Throw Better

Improve Your Throwing Skills With The ThrowBetter Training Tool

Do you remember the first time you threw a ball? You were most likely 1 or 2 years old, learning basic ball skills. As you got older, your throwing may have improved or it wasn’t a skill you utilized very much. Picking up the ball for the first time can be overwhelming. It might not reach the intended target, which may cause a series of different emotions. You may feel humiliated, disappointed, or motivated to try again. We sincerely hope it is the latter of the three. With the ThrowBetter training tool, anyone can learn this fundamental movement at any time of their life, improving their skills and increasing their confidence. 

Putting on the ThrowBetter Training Tool

What exactly is the ThrowBetter training tool? It is a one-size fits all, adjustable headband that you place on top of your head or over a hat. There are slots that extend out over your shoulder, whether you are left-handed or right-handed. It is easy to put on and use. The goal of the tool is to help you learn the correct throwing motion and achieve accuracy. 

Engaging in Proper Throwing Techniques

Once the product is correctly placed, it is time to begin the throwing process. But before you can do just that, you need to get into the proper stance. Your glove and feet should be pointed toward your target. Your throwing arm should be extended back. You should grip the ball with your middle and index fingers across the seams with your thumb tucked underneath the ball. When you throw the ball, make sure your wrist releases the ball in a snapping motion and you follow through. The tool is there to help make sure you maintain proper arm placement. It frees the arm to work in a natural, unrestricted motion. 

Benefits of the Tool

There are many benefits to using the ThrowBetter training tool. It is important to note that this product was developed to give everyone the opportunity to learn to throw a ball, so it is inclusive to all ages and genders. It is lightweight and durable, making it easy to transport anywhere. It prevents bad habits from continuing to form, as it allows throwing muscles to naturally remember efficient motions. With the Throwbetter training tool, you have the ability to increase your velocity and improve your accuracy. Throwing incorrectly can cause an injury. Our tool reduces the chance of an injury by reinforcing the proper mechanics. It motivates people to get out, practice, and play, making them feel confident and empowered when improve or learn. 

Implementing the Tool in Practice

Positive results come from practice, hard work, and determination. The ThrowBetter training tool can be used at baseball or softball practice or during a friendly game of catch. It is up to you! It is a simple and effective solution for learning to throw. We are proud to offer people a tool that is high-quality, innovative, and affordable. It’s time to stop pushing, quit aiming, and start throwing. Grab a glove and a ball to reach your full potential with ThrowBetter.

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