The HeadCoach Works Great for Softball Too! May 19, 2016 11:58

Our thanks to Jen Smart who posted this video and testimonial about how the HeadCoach helped her daughter throw with more power, accuracy and consistency. Her daughter's much improved throwing motion has boosted her confidence and deepened her love of the game.

"I reached out to HeadCoach a couple months ago, in regards to my daughter who had a bad case of "side arm" throwing. I tried everything to try and fix her throwing motion, but nothing seemed to work. Until one day my fiancé sent me the link on Facebook and asked me to reach out and see if this tool would help.

Justin, who is the owner of the company, graciously offered to watch a video of my daughter throwing, and was able to critique and offer me guidance regarding my daughter's throwing motion. He informed me that the tool would be able to assist in correcting her throwing motion. She wore the tool for her catching lessons, during fielding practice, and warm ups before games. The feedback I received from her coaches was how remarkable the side arm throwing was under control, how her throw downs to second base were stronger, and how much more accurate and consistent she was. A high school coach even noticed the tools effectiveness and recommended it to his own players. Most importantly, her confidence improved without the anxiety of not throwing to her capability. I would recommend this tool to any softball player struggling with side arm throwing or basic mechanics of getting the most accurate throw. Thank you so much for your guidance and taking the extra time to make sure we had a full understanding of how to use the tool, it was a complete success."

~ Jennifer Smart

If you know a young player struggling with their throwing mechanics, ask them to try the HeadCoach. Most players see significant improvement after just a few throwing sessions.