The Difference Between Baseball & Football Throwing Technique March 14, 2015 16:29

Throwing a baseball calls for a different technique than how you throw a football. This can be particularly challenging for two sport athletes that need to transition between the two and still perform at a top level.

Watch this video and hear two-sport athlete Rashon Lewis talk about how The HeadCoach helps him adjust and improve his throwing technique:

Rashon hits the nail on the head when he states, “When I’m wrong, it let’s me know that I’m wrong, but when I’m throwing right, I can feel that I’m right!” You can clean up your mechanics with The HeadCoach. Get The HeadCoach and feel the difference. If your arm is traveling in the wrong arm path when you throw, if your elbow drops, and your hand comes too close to your head, you need The HeadCoach.