• How long does it take to start throwing better with this tool?

    Under thirty seconds. Watch this video to see how quick and easy it is to use our tool.

  • Does this product work for right and left handed throwers?

    Yes! Our headband has arm slots for both right handed and left handed throwers.

  • So, you just put the tool on and throw? Is that it?

    Yes! And no. Part of what makes our product such a great tool is the simplicity, but it must be worn correctly in order to achieve the best possible results. Two very important steps are sizing the headband properly, and choosing the correct length for the extended arm.

    The headband should fit snug; not too tight, but definitely not too loose, or the extended arm will sag. Tension in the headband will keep the extension piece in the upright position, guiding your arm into the proper throwing angle. If you are unsure about which extension length is right for you, start small, and gradually work your way up to the longest one.

  • Are there different sizes for this tool?

    No, it is a one-size fits all tool. It is sized in the same way a snapback baseball cap is adjusted. Throwers of all ages and sizes can use it.

  • Can you miss the extended piece while throwing, and still be throwing with incorrect mechanics?

    Great question! Yes. However, if you were not happy with your throw before using our tool, dropping your hand beneath the extended piece will cause you more frustration than ever. One of the best things about our product is that it is self-correcting. Our extended pieces are designed to guide your hand into the perfect throwing height and angle. Dropping lower will greatly diminish velocity and accuracy, and your threat of injury will be highly increased.

  • Will this tool bother me? Won’t it feel awkward or cumbersome?

    No! This product weighs next to nothing (1.2oz). When you wear it, you can’t even tell it’s there unless your hand is hitting the VIA when you throw.

  • What if this tool can’t fix the way I throw?

    It will! We have seen first hand the countless examples of the incredible results from training with our tool. If you wear it and you follow our ThrowBetter warm up and throwing routine, within 30 days you will begin to see results. If you are not completely satisfied, you can return the product. See our Return Policy for details.

  • Do I need to wear a hat to use the product?

    No. The headband is made from soft, pliable, yet extremely durable TPR rubber. It fits comfortably around the head, with or without a cap or visor. For extra comfort, it can be worn over a sweat headband.