How it Works

Simplifying An Essential Skill

Training the correct throwing movements brings a sense of achievement in various activities. From participating in sports to cultivating family time, throwing a ball is one of the basic movements of our lives. Even though throwing correctly doesn’t come naturally, we believe it should come simply.

Put it on.

The headband is adjustable and easily fits over hats or directly on the head.

Grab a ball.

Our product works to teach the correct motion, no matter what is being thrown.

Throw better than ever.

In a matter of minutes a real difference will start to show in power and accuracy.

How to Put It On

Our one-size fits all tool is for all ages and skill levels. The band is designed with slots for the arms, adjustable for both right and left handed throwers.

Its extreme lightweight and durability makes it easy to toss in a bag or to put on anytime you want to throw.

How to Use It

Using this tool creates an opportunity to spend quality time with family, get outside and play with friends, or build confidence for facing competition.

Wearing our tool, the recipe for throwing better is simple: just add a ball and a partner.

Catch on to the Conversation

"Great simple tool with surprising results!"

A few boys needed help learning proper throwing mechanics and this worked very well with some coaching to illustrate better arm placement.

— Steve S.

"Well worth it"

This helped out my 7 year old son a ton in a short amount of time. Well worth it.

— Eric B.

"Five Stars"

So far this has made a huge difference in my sons throwing motion.

— Edward H.

"We have had great success"

We have had great success improving throwing, whether they’re learning out in the field or in the backyard.

— Justin, Creator of ThrowBetter

Put it On, Play Catch, Throw Better Than Ever.

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By reinforcing the proper arm angle and shoulder rotation, we have designed a tool to help to stop pushing, quit aiming, and start throwing. This tool gives everyone the ability to reach their arm’s full potential, while reducing the risk of injury and increasing the capacity for confidence.


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