How To Throw A Softball

Your Arm’s Perfect Change Up

Whether learning to throw a softball for the first time or refining form, we have created a simple tool to give confidence and accuracy.

Stop Pushing

New throwers are especially susceptible to pushing instead of throwing. This motion is not sustainable, and puts excess strain on the arm to produce accuracy and velocity.

Quit Aiming

Natural throwing tendencies lead to keeping the ball close to the body for better aim, which creates inconsistent results and can be harmful to the shoulder.

Start Throwing

Using our tool allows throwing muscles to naturally remember the most efficient throwing motion. Even when you’re not wearing it, you will be able to recognize a better throw.

How to Throw a Softball—Better

Increase Velocity

Increasing the velocity of a throw doesn’t have to mean increasing arm strength. Throwing a softball harder can be the result of tweaking mechanics and leveraging the arm to perform the correct motions. Our tool works to enforce the proper arm angle and shoulder rotation by providing immediate feedback for incorrect movements. This simplifies the learning process with results that can be seen and felt. Watch the pace of the ball increase while learning how to throw a softball better.

Improve Accuracy

Hitting the target is a crucial part of throwing a softball. Whether out on the field or in the backyard, there is no better sound than the pop of a glove when the ball reaches the target. Many throwers try to aim the ball to their target with their arm, resulting in the ball not reaching the desired point, or in injury. Our tool trains the proper angle to free the arm to work in a natural, unrestricted motion, which improves throwing accuracy.

Reduce Injury

Every thrower, whether just starting out or playing competitively, has the same priority of staying healthy. Even the slightest injury in the shoulder or arm could be the result of an improper throwing motion. It is important to introduce the correct way to throw in the early years of picking up a softball. Learning the proper mechanics will lay the foundation for participation, and give confidence that injury won’t take away opportunities.

Put it On, Play Catch, Throw Better Than Ever.

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By reinforcing the proper arm angle and shoulder rotation, we have designed a tool to help to stop pushing, quit aiming, and start throwing. This tool gives everyone the ability to reach their arm’s full potential, while reducing the risk of injury and increasing the capacity for confidence.


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The Hard Hitters

Motivation to Play

When learning to throw a softball better is made simple, the results are seen and felt in minutes. For first time throwers and players alike, our effective tool encourages the process.

Empowerment to Grow

Our goal is to empower everyone to grab a glove and go play with excitement. Never miss an opportunity to get outside and play catch, join a league, or show someone how to throw.

Confidence to Succeed

Whether throwing with family or with the team, the assurance of throwing correctly gives a sense of ownership and authority that will lead to a better mindset.

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"We love this product!"

We love this product! It's totally changed the way my daughter throws the ball. Can't wait for the season to begin!

— Elise A.

"Exceptional for my 7 Year Old Players"

I coach 6, 7, and 8 year old kids and this product has helped each of them greatly. Improved some, corrected others and sharpened all of us. Highly recommend.

— J.M.

"It works great"

It works great. I highly recommend this product to any parent whose kids are struggling to throw.

— Steve H.