Mission Statement
HeadCoach Sports is committed to providing baseball and softball players a simple, effective solution to fixing the most common flaws in throwing mechanics. We strive to promote throwing with the most natural, effective, and safest arm motion, dramatically increasing velocity, improving accuracy, and reducing injury. HeadCoach Sports is driven to helping all players maximize the full potential of their ams, regardless of age, gender, or skill level. Our goal is to become known throughout the baseball and softball world as the one throwing aide that can make the biggest difference in the performance of every player on the field. We envision becoming a brand recognized nationwide, synonymous with quality, affordability, innovation. The HeadCoach will change the game one arm at a time, training players to throw better in 30 days.

Justin Rubin – Inventor/Co-Founder HeadCoach Sports 
Justin Rubin saw a problem, and after countless hours searching the marketplace for a solution, he decided to take matters into his own hands and create one himself. Justinʼs two sons Leo and Luca love baseball, but at some point, they both developed a common flaw in their throwing mechanics that was preventing them from throwing to their full potential. In fact, his younger son Lucaʼs problem was such an impediment, it threatened to keep him from playing the sport he loved. His throwing was not only ineffective, but also dangerous to his developing arm. Justin’s desire to help his boys throw better inspired the invention of The HeadCoach.

Justin’s entrepreneurial nature drove him, along with his wife Tara, to create, develop, and market the successful baby carrier company Hold Me Baby Slings, which Justin ran and operated from 2003-2009. Justin grew their company to a nationally known brand, with their products in over 50 stores in 15 states. Their slings were featured in InStyle, FitPregnancy, and a number of national publications, as well as on the hit TV show FRIENDS.  Justin’s athletic background played a tremendous part in his inventing the HeadCoach. He was a three-sport athlete in high school, and he went on to play collegiate football at the College of the Holy Cross.

Greg Craig – Co-Founder HeadCoach Sports
Greg is a business leader who has been Chairman and CEO of multi billion dollar privately held and publicly traded energy companies. As founder and CEO of the 5th largest energy trader in North America, which was ultimately sold to a large investment bank, Greg has a wealth of experience in building, running, and leading businesses at every stage. Greg has formally been an advisor to the President of the United States, a member of the National Petroleum Council (“NPC”), and served on numerous Minority Business Councils related to his Inupiat Eskimo heritage. In addition to family, business interests, and sports, Greg is also involved with two non-profit boards as a Director. He is the 12 year Chairman of the Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at the UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management, and also a Board Member and Executive Committee Member of Junior Achievement. Along with his wife and daughter, Greg lives in Los Angeles California.

Greg is also a former multisport athlete, having won the Alaska State Discus Championship and being named as a High School All American in Track and Field. Above all, Greg is a sports nut and a devoted father who tries never to miss a practice or game of his 12 year old daughter, a multi sport athlete herself So, when Justin approached him about being the “business side” of this amazing product and throwing system he invented called the Head Coach, a rare partnership was formed. Greg shares the same passion for not only the Head Coach products, but for helping athletes (especially kids and young adults) reach their full throwing potential while reducing injury.

A Word from the Founders
In the days leading up to the launch of throwbetter.com, we were having lunch with a few friends, and they could not believe how passionately we were talking about our company. Our genuine excitement about the potential impact we could have with our simple, affordable, and effective products had the table buzzing. Simply put, we know we are going to help players throw baseballs and softballs better, and that has us really excited. We can help kids throw better! Greg and I are not ridding the world insidious diseases, or fighting for world peace, but we are making a small change that could lead to much bigger changes in the lives of a lot of young athletes. We have seen it first hand, and we live with the proof of the benefits of our product every time Leo and Luca throw a baseball.

Luca plays on a very good team right now, and he recently traveled to Arizona to play in a 12 and Under Spring Training Tournament. Not only did Luca pitch another gem of a game, but he also played 5 different positions in the field in this tournament. FIVE! This is something that would have never been possible if it weren’t for the HeadCoach. Leo, he just keeps getting stronger and stronger as a pitcher, pounding the strike zone and throwing harder and harder each day.

Luca and Leo love the game of baseball, and I can’t imagine what would have happened if their inability to throw had robbed them of all the special moments they share playing this wonderful game. Don’t allow limitations to stop your son or daughter from reaching their true potential. Help them to feel the pure joy of the game. Help them throw better with the HeadCoach.