If you talk to ten experts about throwing a baseball or softball, you may get ten different answers as to what constitutes good mechanics. However, two things are indisputable when it comes to the proper mechanics necessary to maximize throwing potential and to diminish the threat of serious arm injuries, and not surprisingly the two are directly linked to one another.

correct arm angle for throwing a baseball

They are:

  1. A player’s elbow should be at or slightly above shoulder height, and
  2. The wrist must be outside of the elbow. If the wrist is inside the elbow it forces the hand into an unnatural throwing position, and the only way to compensate for the incorrect hand position is to drop the elbow.

The HeadCoach guides players into the optimal throwing angle. The VIA points your hand right where it needs to be. If you hit the VIA when you throw, you know you are dropping your elbow and forcing your hand too close to your head. If you throw with your hand below the VIA, your velocity will drop, your accuracy will suffer, and you will increase the risk of injury to your arm. When you clear the VIA with your elbow up and your hand high, you will immediately feel difference in your throwing! The HeadCoach provides instant feedback, maximizing throwing potential and keeping arms safe. Wear The HeadCoach every time you throw. From warm-ups to the bullpen, and infield and outfield drills to scrimmage situations. Unleash the true potential of your arm with The HeadCoach. Wear it. Throw Better. Win.


How to Wear The HeadCoach

The HeadCoach is a brand new training tool, so people have a lot of questions about the correct way to wear it. Rest assured, whether it is over your cap, a visor, or just around your head, sizing, adjusting and positioning The HeadCoach is a snap. Simplicity is one of the greatest attributes of this product, along with the surefire results you will see if you have developed flawed throwing mechanics. Use The HeadCoach for 30 days and you will se improvement.


Using The HeadCoach in Practice
If you incorporate The HeadCoach into your normal practice routine and throwing progression, you will throw better. The HeadCoach gives instant feedback for flaws in throwing mechanics, and consistent reinforcement of the proper arm angle to maximize your potential. From warm-ups to long-toss, infield and outfield drills, to bullpens and catching practice, you never need to take The HeadCoach off. Use it for 30 days and see the results.