Increased velocity, even in the smallest measure, can mean the difference between winning and losing. Whether it’s blowing a fastball by a batter for strike three, beating a runner by a step in a bang-bang play at first, or hitting the cut-off on a line to prevent a runner from taking an extra base, throwing velocity can give your team that winning advantage. Our patented VIAs, or “Velocity Increasing Arms” train players to use the optimal arm angle and proper shoulder rotation. The HeadCoach will increase throwing velocity, unleashing the true power of your arm. 







Hitting the target is the most important goal in throwing a baseball. Whether you’re on the mound, playing the infield, or patrolling deep center, you put your team at a disadvantage if you don’t know where your throws will go. Unfortunately, many players try to aim the ball to their target, which can result in the exact opposite of the desired intention. Pushing or “shot-putting” the ball is one of the most common and potentially dangerous flaws in a baseball or softball player’s mechanics. By training the proper arm angle, hand position, and release point, and freeing the arm to work in a natural, unrestricted motion, the HeadCoach dramatically improves throwing accuracy.



No player can help their team if they are “shut down” due to a debilitating arm injury. Every player on a baseball or softball field needs to throw, so their arm is the most valuable asset they have. Even the slightest injury can mean time missed, because minor soreness and irritation can be a precursor to more serious arm problems. Proper throwing mechanics are the best way to avoid arm injuries. Allowing the arm to work in a natural motion, free from stress or strain, gives players the best chance at staying injury free. The HeadCoach trains and reinforces proper shoulder rotation, arm angle, and release point, eliminating potentially damaging flaws keeping players healthy and in the game.


The HeadCoach will revolutionize how we teach players to throw. This simple, low cost system will deliver results for every position player regardless of age, skill level or experience.


The HeadCoach…Changing the game one arm at a time!

Other benefits are:

  • Can be worn in ALL practice and scrimmage situations
  • Lightweight, flexible, and extremely durable construction
  • VIA slots work for either left handed or right handed players
  • One size fits all, snap-back adjuster
  • Comfortably worn with a hat or visor, or around the naked head
  • Easy storage in any equipment bags or back-packs

Now…Watch this video to see the incredible results you can achieve by using The HeadCoach throw training system. It's never too early to start throwing better. If you struggle with one of the most essential elements of winning baseball, it's time to start training with The HeadCoach. There is far too little attention paid to throwing properly, effectively, and safely. Regardless of the position you play on the field, you need to throw better than the next guy. You need to have the confidence, when the game is on the line and your team needs a perfect throw, that your arm will get the job done. Start training to be a champion today. Get The HeadCoach and in 30 days, you will see results. Wear it. Throw better. Win. The HeadCoach.