"As a kid playing catch in the back yard and all through high school, my Dad must have told me a thousand times, "Get your arm up!" If I had the HeadCoach through those years I would have easily learned the right arm angle, and would have saved a lot of frustration for me and my Dad!! I would recommend this for baseball and softball players of any age because it is a very simple way for players to teach themselves the most efficient way to throw the ball and prevent unnecessary injuries."

Darren Dreifort, Retired MLB Pitcher


"I have seen The HeadCoach up front and personal. We used it with our 10u boys while they warmed up their arms and in a matter of ten minutes, you could see the boys getting their arms up and throwing better. We had a very productive CATCH PLAY due to the accuracy of their throws. It was the first time in a long time that we had a throwing session like this, with accurate throws and no balls flying around the field. We ended up using The HeadCoach for the remainder of practice and the kids loved it. It was one of the most productive practices we've ever had with this young group."

Keijuan Douglas, Santa Monica Arsenal Coach


"When I throw batting practice, I throw straight over the top. Why? Because I don't want movement on the baseball. But, when a pitcher wants to get outs, you're so much more likely to get movement on the ball throwing from outside. The HeadCoach can get a pitcher the the right angle to maximize movement on their pitches."

Kurt Schwengel, Former UCLA Bruins Pitcher


"Excellent training tool. I was very surprised by how quickly it reinforced the proper throwing motion. My son had a tendency to throw sidearm. We put the HeadCoach on he was immediately throwing correctly. If we took it off for a game, he would occasionally revert back to the sidearm but I would "threaten" to put the HeadCoach back on him and he would correct it right away. We use it in warm-ups before a game and he will use it when practicing off a pitch-back in the yard. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for quick feedback on the throwing position.

I will definitely be sharing the site with the coaches I know. My son who used the HeadCoach is known for his arm. As an 8 year old playing 10u he's definitely advanced and pitched a lot of quality innings. The HeadCoach was definitely a huge help in his release point and that obviously helps with everything else, too: velocity, control, general arm health, etc. At the end of the season, he was asked to play in a 12u all star game and he pitched two innings, allowing one ground ball single and a walk...no damage done and that's an 8 year old pitching to huge 12 year olds.

When people ask me how he's throwing so well, I show them the HeadCoach tool. Some people think I'm kidding but the proof is hanging from his right shoulder. It works very well."

John Cassetta, Rochester, NY



I manage and my husband coaches a 10U team in Pearl, Mississippi right outside Jackson. We received the Head Coach trainer early yesterday and used it with several of our players last night. I am an LMT that specializes in sports and fitness massage and I absolutely love this product!

I see too many kids ruining their arm without knowing it or knowing any better and this is a affordable product that if used will HELP!!! The goal should be to see these boys play at a high school or college level. I love seeing my boy play..LOVE IT! But I want to see him on that 'big' field one day. We spend more time working on mechanics correcting other peoples mistakes than we do anything.

Brandy Case Smith, Pearl, MS



Two Sport Star Rashon Lewis on using The HeadCoach

Two sport star Rashon Lewis explains the benefits of training with The HeadCoach to help him transition from football quarterback to baseball player. Rashon hits the nail on the head when he states. ” When I’m wrong, it lets me know that I’m wrong, but when I’m right, I can FEEL that I’m right.”


Dramatic Improvement!

We recently did an experiment. We took a great athlete who struggled to throw and trained her for 30 minutes using The HeadCoach. One training session, and the results were incredible.