HeadCoach Compression Sleeve with Angle-Indicating Stripe
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$ 17.95

• Available in two sizes: S/M suggested for any player under 16 and L/XL for older, more physically developed players, age 16 and up.

• Enhances blood circulation.

• Enhances warm-up via increases in skin temperature. 

• Increases muscle support, which increases performance through improved muscle efficiency. 

• Helps keep arm muscles warmer, reducing friction between muscle fibers and in turn causing less inflammation. 

• Faster recovery following strenuous exercise and improved performance by aiding in the removal of blood lactate. 

• Helps to reduce post exercise swelling and in turn speed muscle recovery. 

* The white Angle-Indicating Stripe offers enhanced visual feedback on during throwing motion. 

Keep your most valuable tool as a baseball player safe, while at the same time maximizing the power of your arm. The HeadCoach Compression Sleeve serves dual purposes, providing all the benefits of a traditional sports compression sleeve, while at the same time offering enhanced visual feedback to coaches and parents. Our Angle-Indicating Stripe highlights the exact arm angle throughout the throwing motion. Filming workouts and practices has become a powerful tool for accelerating adjustments and improvements across all sports. 

Through the technology of smartphone or tablet video, the HeadCoach compression sleeve provides enhanced visual feedback to help correct the most common flaws in throwing mechanics. Works great with the naked eye, too! See your flaws, and instantly address them with the HeadCoach Throw Trainer.

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