HeadCoach Throw Trainer
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$ 25.00

* See improvement after only 30 min of use.
* Easy to put on.
* One-size fits all.
* Works for both right and left handed throwers.
* Helps players of all ages and skill levels.
* Extremely lightweight and durable.
* Throw better or your money back.
* Use code TEAMPACK and save 20% when you buy 9 or more

Increase the velocity and accuracy of your throws with the HeadCoach Throw Better training system.  Simply wear the HeadCoach when you throw, and you will get instant feedback if your throwing mechanics are incorrect. The HeadCoach Throw Better training system guides throwers into the proper arm angle, unleashing the true potential of your arm, while dramatically reducing the risk of arm injuries.

The HeadCoach Throw Better trainer comes with the HeadCoach headband and three Velocity Increasing Arms (VIAs). The HeadCoach band is one size fits all and fully adjustable with a simple snap-back fastener, making it the perfect training system for baseball players of all ages, from t-ball to the pros. The HeadCoach band is designed with VIA slots for either right or left handed throwers. Constructed from fully reusable and recyclable TPR rubber, the HeadCoach band is durable, pliable, and incredibly light-weight. So light weight, you won’t even know it’s there unless you are throwing with flawed mechanics.

The HeadCoach VIAs or Velocity Increasing Arms are sturdy and light-weight. Made from durable, recyclable polypropylene, the VIAs easily slide into the VIA slots, yet lock firmly into place for optimal training. The VIAs come in three lengths: 6”, 8” and 10”. The 6” VIA extends at a 25 degree angle, while the 8” and 10” extend at a 35 degree angle. All three VIAs are less than .5 oz! (12” .3oz, 8” .2oz, 6” .2oz)

The HeadCoach Throw Better training system provides instant feedback for throwers with flawed mechanics. Try the HeadCoach and unleash the the true potential of your arm. Throw better in 30 days with The HeadCoach.

For best results, we recommend using the HeadCoach Throw Better training system with the HeadCoach Compression Sleeve with Angle-Indicating Stripe.

Use code TEAMPACK and SAVE 20% when you buy 9 or more units of the HeadCoach, which helps players at all positions improve their game. Get your whole team throwing better with the HeadCoach!

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