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By reinforcing the proper arm angle and shoulder rotation, we have designed a tool to help to stop pushing, quit aiming, and start throwing. This tool gives everyone the ability to reach their arm’s full potential, while reducing the risk of injury and increasing the capacity for confidence.


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How It Works

Our goal is to not only help train the correct movements, but also give a sense of achievement in various sports. Simply put it on, grab a ball, and throw better than ever.

Our one-size fits all tool is for all ages and skill levels. The band is designed with slots for the arms, adjustable for both right and left handed throwers. Its extreme lightweight and durability makes it easy to toss in a gym bag or throw on anywhere. Using this tool creates an opportunity to spend quality time with family, get outside and play with friends, or build confidence for facing competition.


Mark K.

Definitely recommended

This was very helpful to shift the way my son was throwing - definitely recommended.

Termaine W.

Really helped

Really helped correct my son throwing speed and accuracy

Steve H.

It works great

It works great. I highly recommend this product to any parent whose kids are struggling to throw.

J. M.

Exceptional for my 7 Year Old Players

I coach 6, 7, and 8 year old kids and this product has helped each of them greatly. Improved some, corrected others and sharpened all of us. Highly recommend.

Keijuan D.

The kids loved it

I have seen this device work up-front and personal. We used it with our 10u boys while they warmed up their arms and in a matter of ten minutes, you could see the boys getting their arms up and throwing better.

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Mary J.

This thing is like magic

My son doesn’t want to take it off. He throws like baseball player now. It’s been 2 months and the way he throws is totally different. It made him change the way he throws, but in a good way. Easy to put on, easy to adjust.

Lyn S.

His throwing has improved greatly

Our son developed a bad habit of throwing while playing baseball. After a couple of times using this product it taught him to correct the problem and his throwing has improved greatly.

Edward H.

Five Stars

So far this has made a huge difference in my sons throwing motion.

Eric B.

Well worth it

This helped out my 7 year old son a ton in a short amount of time. Well worth it.

Steve S.

Great simple tool with surprising results!

A few boys needed help learning proper throwing mechanics and this worked very well with some coaching to illustrate better arm placement.

Elise A.

We love this product!

We love this product! It's totally changed the way my daughter throws the ball. Can't wait for the season to begin!

Joshua D.

Do NOT Hesitate!

Do not hesitate to buy this for your child even if they can throw good already! This had made my kid throw harder and farther and ACCURATELY! So glad I bought this!

Darren D.

Get you arm up!

As a kid playing catch in the backyard and all through high school, my Dad must have told me a thousand times, "Get your arm up!" I would recommend this for baseball and softball players of any age because it is a very simple way for players to teach themselves the most efficient way to throw the ball and prevent unnecessary injuries.

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